PBG, SLF, and SBKBG: Cornerstones of Building Ownership Compliance in Indonesia

30 January 2024 By admin

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In the complexities of construction and real estate in Indonesia, three fundamental documents stand as pillars of legality, safety, and ownership – PBG (Persetujuan Bangunan Gedung or Building Construction Permit), SLF (Sertifikat Laik Fungsi or Certificate of Functionality), and SBKBG (Surat Bukti Kepemilikan Bangunan Gedung or Building Ownership Proof Letter). Each plays a distinctive role in ensuring that buildings adhere to regulations, are safe for occupancy, and have a clear ownership status.

PBG (Building Construction Permit)

PBG serves as the bedrock of legal construction activities. It is the green light from local authorities, signaling that a building project is compliant with regulations and can proceed. The document ensures that the organization of buildings aligns with applicable standards, and it involves meticulous record-keeping of building plans. PBG is required for a spectrum of activities, including the construction of new buildings, renovations, alterations in size, and routine maintenance.

Key Points:

Legal Status Assurance: PBG assures the legal status of buildings, offering a shield against potential legal consequences.

Standard Adherence: It ensures that the organization of buildings adheres to applicable standards, promoting safety and structural integrity.

Record Maintenance: PBG involves maintaining comprehensive records of building plans, fostering transparency and accountability.


PBG boasts a lifetime validity once issued, providing a lasting foundation for the legality of construction endeavors.

SLF (Certificate of Functionality):

As construction culminates, SLF steps in as a testament to a completed construction project’s compliance with technical standards. It declares that a building is fit for occupancy and aligns with the approved plans.

Key Functions:

Safety and Compliance: SLF ensures that buildings are safe, meeting standards for safety, comfort, health, and convenience for occupants.

Documentation: It maintains a comprehensive record of the physical existence of buildings, providing a robust database for regulatory authorities.


SLF holds a 20-year validity period for single and terraced residential houses, while other buildings are subject to renewal every five years. This periodic reassessment ensures continued adherence to safety and functional standards.

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SBKBG (Building Ownership Proof Letter):

SBKBG, or Building Ownership Proof Letter, is the linchpin for establishing legal ownership of a building. It is issued by the local land office, solidifying the responsibility of the building’s owner.

a building project with legal documents

Key Functions:

Ownership Assurance: SBKBG ensures the ownership status of buildings, offering a legal foundation for property ownership.

Legal Compliance: It affirms that buildings are legal and conform to relevant technical standards, fortifying the legal standing of the property.


SBKBG remains valid until data stipulated under the certificate no longer conforms with the actual status of the building, due to transfers of rights, amendments, deletions, or other alterations.

Navigating the legality of building ownership in Indonesia

In conclusion, the trifecta of PBG, SLF, and SBKBG forms the backbone of Indonesia’s construction and real estate regulatory framework. These documents not only guarantee legal compliance and safety but also facilitate property transactions, providing stakeholders with the confidence that their investments are secure and compliant with the ever-evolving standards of the built environment. Understanding and prioritizing these certificates are crucial steps in navigating the intricacies of the Indonesian construction and real estate landscape.

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