Indonesia’s New Easy-Apply Streamlined Visa for International Artists

17 March 2024 By admin

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The Directorate General of Immigration in Indonesia has introduced a novel visa category tailored for international musicians and artists organizing concerts in Indonesia, aptly nicknamed the “music and art visa.” Indonesia is set to revolutionize its visa issuance process, focusing on streamlined procedures for sports and arts visas catering to foreign athletes and artists. This significant change, announced by Mr. Silmy Karim, the Director General of Immigration, comes as a result of Ministerial Regulation No. 22 of 2023 on Visas and Stay Permits, issued by the Minister of Law and Human Rights on 24th August 2023.

Notably, this visa streamlines the application process, eliminating the need for international artists to provide a work permit and a Police Record Certificate (SKCK) – requirements that were previously mandatory. The rationale behind this simplification is rooted in the recognition that foreign artists work in Indonesia for brief durations and have a negligible impact on the local job market. Officially launched in September 2023, the music and art visa is specifically designed for foreigners intending to conduct music and art performances within the Indonesian territory.

Easy Visa Apply for Artist, Athlete, Musician, and Performers

New Easy Apply Visa to Indonesia for Music and Art Artists

The 2023 regulations aim to simplify entry procedures for foreign artists aligning with their specific objectives upon arriving in Indonesia. This initiative replaces a previously intricate process, offering a more accessible “entertainment visa” option to artists. The move towards simplification reflects Indonesia’s commitment to enhancing its global standing in creative industries. Notably, Mr. Karim emphasized that this convenience wouldn’t adversely impact local competitors.

The “entertainment visa” is part of the broader Permenkumham 22 Year 2023, introducing various visa types to meet diverse objectives. For the entertainment industry, the music & art visa is the designated category. Artists can choose between single and multiple-visit visas based on their activity frequency. The issuance of these visas is governed by specific articles within the Minister Regulation, allowing for flexibility and convenience.

Crucially, official athlete teams, event organizers, and international artist promoters will no longer be burdened with attaching labor permits, Police Record Certificates (SKCK), or certificates of five years of work experience, streamlining the process. Silmy explained that these changes are based on the understanding that foreign athletes and artists have short-term activities in Indonesia, posing no competitive threat to local workers.

The new regulations cater to artists without permanent citizenship or those holding travel documents other than passports. Such artists can apply for the Indonesian music & art visa with Non-Passport Travel Documents, expanding accessibility. However, it’s crucial to note that travel documents other than passports are applicable only for single-visit visa applications, while multiple-visit visas still require a passport.

What Does It Mean for Business & Investors in Indonesia?

The introduction of the new music and art visa in Indonesia carries significant implications for businesses and investors, particularly those involved in the entertainment and cultural sectors. The streamlined visa process represents a positive shift, easing the administrative burden on international musicians and artists who wish to contribute to Indonesia’s vibrant cultural landscape. For businesses engaged in organizing events or concerts featuring foreign artists, the simplified requirements mean reduced paperwork and a more efficient process.

Optimistic about the impact, Mr. Silmy envisions that simplifying these requirements will boost Indonesia’s hosting of international sporting events and music performances. Drawing inspiration from the success of the 2018 ASIAN Games, he anticipates Indonesia becoming a magnet for global tourists seeking international sports matches and music concerts.

Investors eyeing opportunities in Indonesia’s entertainment industry may find this development encouraging, as it reflects the government’s commitment to fostering a conducive environment for international cultural exchange. The elimination of the work permit and Police Record Certificate requirements streamlines the entry process for foreign artists, potentially attracting more talent to participate in events and performances.

Foreign Investors in Indonesia shaking hands

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Additionally, the move aligns with broader efforts to enhance Indonesia’s global appeal and competitiveness in the creative field. By making it easier for international artists to showcase their talents in the country, Indonesia aims to become a hub for cultural events and music concerts, potentially boosting tourism and creating economic opportunities.

Investors should monitor how these regulatory changes unfold, as they could signify a more supportive and dynamic environment for businesses in the entertainment and cultural sectors. The newfound accessibility for foreign artists may contribute to the growth of the industry, attracting more international collaborations and investments in Indonesia’s vibrant arts scene.

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