Human Resource Management: Function, Goals, and Benefits

11 November 2022 By admin

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In business, human resource management (HR) is very important for company owners. The company can run its business following its vision and mission with good management. Therefore it is important to cultivate people well in the company.

For those of you who want to start a business in a company, you need to understand what HRM is. The following briefly explains HRM, its functions, benefits, goals, and planning.

Human resource management

How Does Human Resource Management (HRM) Work?

HR Management is one of the important aspects of company management. In building a company, you do not only focus on production, capital, and finance issues. But human capital has an important role in running your business.

The treatment of human resources is different from other resources. For example, human resource quality is carried out in certain ways, such as training and development or degree programs to improve human skills and quality.

However, managing these people is crucial not only for the company but also for the organization. Therefore, you need a lot of management for human resources when creating a company or organization to achieve your goals, vision, and mission.

Function of HRM

function of human resource management
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Management for human resources has a very important function. That is to manage human resources, in this case, as optimally and effectively as possible so that humans can benefit the environment and the company. Some of the functions of human resource management include:

1. Staffing

This function has a role in choosing quality human resources in the company. The main activities in Staffing are planning, drawing, and selection.

2. Evaluation

Evaluation means assessing the personnel from the responsibilities that have been done. That way, the company can know the performance and development of human resources.

3. Provide Compensation to Human Resources

That is by providing a salary commensurate with the work. Then Provide occupational health and safety protection to ensure the safety of workers.

4. Provide Development

Development and training are needed to improve the quality of human resources. So, the function of HR management is to be able to develop its employees.

5. Individual Research

It means analyzing each individual in the company. From there, the management can find out the problems that occur to find solutions to them.

Factors That Affect the Work of Human Resources

Several factors affect the work of human resources. These factors include:

1. Human Dynamics

Some of the factors that influence the dynamics of this human resource are the employee benefits they get when they work. The benefits are in the form of salaries and allowances that they get according to what services they provide to the company.

If they do not get a salary that follows their work, then human resources will not be able to carry out work according to their abilities to the fullest. Then the company will not achieve its goals to the fullest.

2. Contract

Companies also have the right to hire or fire their employees. Termination of this employment relationship can occur due to the expiration of the work contract or employees who have violated the previously agreed contract.

3. Reward

The company can also appoint employees who have worked well. Employees can get new positions with higher salaries. So that employees are expected to work better than in their previous positions.

4. Human Resource Development

As a company, you also need to consider developing your human resources. Following the HR certification institute, employees are entitled to self-development. This is to increase employees’ competitive advantage so they can work more optimally to develop the company you are running.

This development can be in the form of training, courses, workshops, and others that can improve human skills. Later, it will be not useful for the company but also for employees because it increases their knowledge. Employees may get higher positions with higher wages because of their new skills.

5. Safety

In addition to providing wages and career development, you also need to provide benefits to human resources through work safety. This includes health insurance to maintain human resources so that they can work without hindrance due to illness or other things that can reduce the quality of human resources.

HRM Benefits

Employees will receive compensation and benefits, and the company will also benefit from good human resource management. If the HR department can work well in finding human resources, the company will benefit from the existing human resources well.

Because the company performs human management well, the company also gets employees with increased productivity. This good management also allows the Bureau of Labor Statistics to record employees who work in your company already getting decent benefits. Of course, this will increase your company’s reputation in the long term.

Human Resource Planning

human resource planning
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Planning is vital in doing HR Management. To build HR professionals, you need special management. Planning activities in human resource management are:

  1. Looking for a good human resource. Generally, you can choose society for human resources. 
  2. After that, the human resource department will analyze human resources HR, what are their abilities, their backgrounds, and so on. 
  3. Companies need to have talent management to determine the tasks, goals, skills, and abilities that the company needs to determine a suitable position for human resources. This is the recruitment strategy that HR managers often do before selecting human resources.
  4. Humans are different from other resources. Its nature is very dynamic so there will be uncertainty when human resources have done their job. For this reason, it is necessary to have management practices that must monitor how human resources work within the company.

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Human Resource Management Goals

Human resources management goals
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HR management aims to achieve company goals by doing human management properly. There must be a straight line between the company’s goals and human resources capabilities. Collaboration between the two is required to achieve the company’s goals.

For this reason, there is a need for the management of human resources to work following the company’s goals and benefit from what they do. For that, there are several workforce management systems that you need to pay attention to.


That’s a brief explanation of human resource management. Managing human resources well is important because they are one of the main assets owned by a company. Your company’s goals will also be achieved if you have good human resources.